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Retail Assortments

We carry a large range of retail packs specially designed for the NZ market. From small packs which are great for small back yards and to keep the kids entertained, right up to HUGE packs, with all the big grunty fireworks in them, to keep the Big Kids entertained.

Bad Boy packs have a very good assortment of products. All of our products are top quality, so that you don’t end up with a whole heap of fizzers!



46 Sparklers, with different sizes and colors. Plus 3 fountains.

Starter Pack

A great pack for small back yards to keep the kids entertained

Mega Pack

Great for small back yards, lots of colorful fireworks and a few nice big ones in the mix too.

Nitro Pack

This is where the GRUNT starts!! Good selection of straight cakes, fan cakes and candles. A great pack if you are looking for some boom, but don’t want to spend to much.

Power Pack

Cakes, Candles, Fountains, Sparklers…… they are all here in the Power Pack! A good size pack if you want some boom and some nice pretty fireworks.

Massive Pack

Hmmm how to describe a massive pack….. Its MASSIVE!! Has a heap of cakes, candles, sparklers, single shots and some fountains. This is an awesome pack to entertain the whole family!!

Explosive Pack

For those who love to have a blast!! The explosive pack is pure boom! It contains all of our big grunty fireworks, and lots of them!! If you want a pack that is really going to show everyone else up, this is the pack for you!!